Dave Galey has an engineering degree from the University of Oklahoma, 1952. He spent twenty years as an aircraft structural designer. He did research work in honeycomb sandwich structure, and prepared a design manual while in the aircraft business. While there, he developed reinforced plastic products for the oil industry.
   With Hunter Engineering, he designed aluminum processing equipment and later left engineering to become a retail merchant. As a career change, in partnership with his brother, he became an oil producer. This business was recently sold.
     He fell in love with buses about 25 years ago, and converted his first bus then. As a hobby, he has worked on many of his friends buses, and has converted several buses for others. He completed his latest personal coach a little over 12 years ago.
     Dave, with his wife Roberta have traveled extensively throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico in their conversions. As a hobby, Dave continues to upgrade his computer, so that he may write articles and illustrate them with engineering drawings. In addition, Dave has analyzed the structure of buses regarding structural modifications, such as slide-out rooms. He and his friends have developed several innovations. He and his wife have six children and eleven grandchildren and five great-grandchildren.